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Welcome to Shout Loud Social's Blog

Welcome to the first Shout Loud Social blog. It’s super exciting to get started with all the hints and tips we’ve accumulated over the years of working in the world of social media and marketing. Often small changes can have a significant impact, and spending a little time getting to know your way around social media and how each platform works, can be incredibly worthwhile. As you get deeper into the workings of social media marketing, things do get a little more in-depth. It’s best to get someone who specialises in it to make sure you are pushing your pages to the limit and ensuring you are reaching the perfect demographic through targeted ads. Not to mention, creating eye-catching content and scheduling posts can take a lot of time too.

Anyway, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves with this blog and give a little bit of background info to help you get to know us. Launching during the pandemic, we have established a client list that ranges from a physiotherapy clinic and waste management firm to a café and consultancy business. Our team have a wealth of experience working in the design and marketing sector. They have been responsible for promoting large scale events in the north-east and managing social media and videography for renowned businesses across the region.

This pandemic has been incredibly difficult for many businesses, and a good marketing strategy is imperative to get things moving again. Naturally, we would advise using a social media marketing firm with the know-how to really make a difference instead of struggling to manage your social media yourself. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have packages to suit all businesses at incredibly competitive prices.

Remember to subscribe to our blog to stay updated with digital trends and marketing tips and tricks. The next blog will be about how to set up a marketing strategy for small businesses. Keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s totally free and worth a read.

All the best,

Shout Loud Social.

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